Spiritual Stuff Overview

This website was created to share information about all things spiritual. Find inspiration, quotes, stories and images of love, acceptance and healing. You will not find a focus on one specific religion, but rather the best of all aspects of learning about our higher powers, whatever the┬ásource. Messages of truth, fellowship and spiritual healing are shared here to ‘be love, grow love and share love!

As one who has learned so much from reading Near Death Experiences, I will be sharing links to many accounts of crossing over and what people have brought back from their journey.

I share the best lessons from my favourite teachers, including of course Jesus and The Course in Miracles, Buddha, The Dali Lama, Edgar Cayce and more. Take from these writings what you will in the spirit in which they are presented – to give you hope, love and guidance.

I hope you find peace, love and joy from what you find on this site and particularly on the Spiritual Stuff Facebook page which is updated often with content to inspire and warm your heart.