The goal of ‘Spiritual Stuff’ is to share dozens of sources to help you find spiritual teachers, channeled messages, near-death experiences, ascension, and more. It’s all about truth, fellowship, spiritual healing, and development to ‘be love, grow love, and give love!These are indeed exciting times in which we live when one considers the intense spiritual growth taking place on earth right now, supported by the many representatives of the Galactic Federation of Light and others who wish to protect us, shine love and light on us, and help us ascend from 3D to 5D.

Sources that have genuinely channeled God include Neale Donald Walsh’s ‘Conversations with God’ series, ‘A Course in Miracles’, Lao Tzu’s ‘Tao Te Ching’, Abraham Hicks, and the Seth material, as channeled through Jane Roberts. (God cited these sources in the ‘Channeling Eric’ podcast, ‘Interview with God’.)

The Edgar Cayce readings and remedies, based on the Akashic records, consist of thousands of health and life readings and answer questions about God, Jesus, life during Atlantis, and other periods in history, and a great deal more. This material deserves special recognition for helping so many learn, understand, heal, and grow over many decades.

There are many dozens of teachers sharing their wisdom and stories through channelers to be found on podcasts including an impressive array of spiritual teachers and historical figures from varying walks of life and notable personalities sharing messages and imparting heightened knowledge. Much can be gained from listening to personalities of note examine their lifetime on Earth after going home as they explain soul contracts, purpose, emotions, actions, realities, and events with a heightened, broader perspective. Such channeled interviews can be found on podcast channels such as ‘Channeling Erik’ in which the mother of Arch Angel Erik has a team of different, talented channelers who delve into topics and afterlife interviews with notables. ‘Chilling with Adam’ has another mother who is in contact via channelers with her deceased son, who facilitates communications with personalities, many from the field of arts and entertainment when last on Earth. Pamela Aaralyn is an incredibly talented, multi-faceted, evolved spiritual teacher, and conduit for much information, live channeling spiritual teachers and those from the past, present, and future. Alex Ferrari’s podcast, ‘Next Level Soul’, is an exceptional wealth of spiritual-based interviews with an interesting mix of guests, some of whom channel, some who describe their amazing NDEs, and others who discuss all kinds of relevant metaphysical subjects. Jannecke Øinæs’ Wisdom From North podcast and Emilio Ortiz‘s podcast offer much of the same type of interviews and spiritual teachers. ‘Sam The Illusionist’ channels Arch Angels, extra-terrestrials, and more to provide answers to queries and warnings about events and more.

Other extraordinary psychic mediums and channelers include Elizabeth April who is astral travelling, remote viewing, channeling the Galactic Council, and others; Liz Cross is channeling and remote viewing personalities of note along with situations, collective energy, etc., in the past, present, and future, along with collectives, situations, events, digital currencies, vintage photographs, etc. and her sessions are extraordinary; Emmanuelle McIntosh is a channeler with extraordinary clear communication with Jesus, God, Mary and a long list of personalities of note with much to say during their afterlife interview. She can be found on her own and other platforms (including the above-mentioned ‘Channeling Eric’ and ‘Chillin with Adam’) as most of the following people:

Franco A Romero, a Walk-in, channeling a collective consciousness known as Caleb, and authored ‘The Closet Spiritualist’; Anjie Hipple channeling the Judah Collective of all her hundreds of past lives and the 9D Counsel of Nine; Darryl Anka has been channeling Bashar, a Grey/Human hybrid for over forty years and can be found doing just on many different platforms. Bashar’s race views humans as their ancestors as our DNA saved their failing race. Bashar is repaying us by sharing knowledge to prevent us declining the way they did; Sheila Gillette is channeling the collective known as Theo; Carla L. Rueckert channeled The Ra Material, Lee Caroll is channeling Kryon as are others; Wendy Kennedy channeling The 9D Pleiadian Collective and also talks using ‘Light Codes’; Tara Arnold and Geoffry Hoppe are separately channeling Saint Germain; Susan Geisman is channeling her group of guides; Blossom Goodchild is channeling the Federation of and Light and ‘White Cloud’ who gave us the mantra, “I am the Light, I am the Love, I am the Truth, I am.”; Michelle Carpenter channeling the ‘Council of 8’; Belinda Womak is channeling a group of 12 Arch Angels; Sara Landon is channeling ‘The Council’, and Robin Jelinek is channeling Athena; Susan Lynn channeling her group of guides (focusing on American politics quite a bit, but explores interesting non-political metaphysical topics on her ‘Way Out Wednesdays’ podcasts; Melissa Gates Perry channels Aralamb, see her Next Level Soul interview; and The Lady of the Forest 444 offers dozens of uplifting angel messages. These are but a few of the ‘woke’ channels with great podcasts offering lessons, guidance, and inspiring thoughts and information during the mass 5D awakening taking place on Earth.

Other sources of enlightenment include Delores Cannon who was not a channeler but a hypnotist who amassed a wealth of knowledge during her 40-year career taking subjects into a deep state of hypnosis to reveal past lives on earth and in turn what life was like during certain periods. Her several books cover Nostradamus, the three waves of volunteers to help bring about changes on Earth, ascension, and many more topics.

Find hundreds of Near Death Experience stories that teach us so much about life on the Jeff Mara Podcast. There is much to be gained from listening to their spiritual journeys and lessons from those who recount crossing over and the insight, heightened awareness, and wisdom they bring back with them.

There are many talented, intuitive astrologers hard at work sharing the meaning behind the various aspects in which we on Earth find ourselves with a stand-out being Pam Gregory, a veteran astrologer, and wonderful communicator who translates and explains the effects of our neighbouring planets on our planet and astrological signs during these exciting times of ascension with depth and clarity, as does astrologer, Andre Kahr, who often teams up with Linda G the Commanche Psychic to discuss the changing earth’s position influence on world and political events and players. 

The Facebook page for Spiritual Stuff shares inspirational quotes, stories, and images of love, acceptance, and healing, words of wisdom, insightful near-death experiences, and enlightening lessons learned from visiting the other side, and has just recently broadened its scope because of the pace at which people are waking up and are becoming more open to spirituality meaning you will now find more reposts on channelers, NDEs, predictions. etc. If you wish to delve even further into such subjects as well as upcoming changes on earth, the ascension and all that raising vibrations of self and earth entails, future timelines, channeled messages from various above sources, psychic predictions, crop circles, NDEs, elementals, and extra-terrestrials of all kinds, check out the ‘Out There and Spirituality’ FaceBook page. The “Out There” part does live up to its name as some of the posts can blow your mind, particularly from cosmic disclosure from podcasters such as ‘Sam The Illusionist’ and Elizabeth April, but overall, you will find posts imparting immense wisdom, loving guidance, knowledge, to inspire and strengthen you as you embrace ascension and the changing times.

Here’s wishing you hope you peace, love, joy, and calming enlightenment from the sources mentioned above and the two FB pages sharing links that pertain to them and other resources to give you knowledge, and guidance, often with content of hope and love, to inspire you, give you strength and courage, and warm your heart.