‘Channeling Erik’

Of all my new discoveries on YouTube, one of the most important, by far, for gaining knowledge and insight into a wealth of information from what I deem to be a trusted source, is a YouTube channel called Channeling Erik. It is hosted by Dr. Elisa Medhus, a medical doctor, who delved into the world of channeling after losing her son, Erik, to suicide, at the age of twenty, and found ways to communicate with him through what has evolved into a very talented group of channelers.

The team has created a prolific knowledge base covering many areas that need to be shared now more than ever as we embrace the ascension process on Earth. It is a wonderful stepping stone for so many who still hesitate to embrace such knowledge, as Elisa takes the journey herself, learning, growing, and evolving as she produces dozens of videos. With the help of her subscribers, Elisa creates lists of questions for Erik about life on earth and throughout the galaxies who, with the help of the channelers,  provides the answers through audio, visual, and sentient communication himself to reveal the truth of what really has, and is, going down. The subject matter is vast! Erik himself sets the facts straight on history, aliens, portals, conspiracy theories, crimes, and events – past and future, but more importantly, covers spirituality, energy, health, and physical and emotional healing in a huge way.

Now here’s the thing that takes ‘Channeling Erik’ to an even more special level in its amazing ability to teach. Erik ‘fetches’ well-known people who have passed during our lifetime or centuries past for an ‘Afterlife Interview’. Once we pass over, our perspective changes and grows. We are aware of the soul contracts that we willingly entered into to learn, experience, clear karmic debt, or whatever reason we have to incarnate with our soul group or others, so their perspective can really help you deal with your life challenges from a more enlightened perspective.

For instance, in the session with Nicole Browne Simpson, she says that she forgives O.J. for taking her life because she willingly entered into a soul contract with him in which she would be controlled and murdered to deal with her own history in which she had murdered family members centuries earlier. She needed to experience that scenario to learn, grow and clear her karmic debt. (She didn’t forgive him for lying about it though.)

In hearing people from all walks of life review their life from the other side, with such enhanced knowledge as to their feelings, actions, and the workings of the universe, one can really learn and grow, but most importantly understand the soul contracts that we bravely enter, willingly lining up the teachers that bring discomfort, hurt and harsh lessons, so we can progress in our spiritual development and live out our karma. Understanding such scenarios and the fact that we not only earn our fate but willingly set up and embrace challenges before coming to earth, makes it easier to deal with them when they come along, as long as we can learn humility or whatever lesson the soul contract manifests. It can be a bitter pill to swallow but must be done unless we want such lessons repeated.

I can’t say enough about how impressive these videos are as far as teaching. Erik has now become an Arch Angel because of the important help he is providing mankind. Erik, his mother, and the group of channelers will go down in history as being one of the most important conveyors of truths in history.

Some of the interviewees include:

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