The Jeff Mara Podcast – NDEs and More!

As one who has found near-death experiences to be one of the best sources for learning about God, heaven, soul contracts, the meaning of life, and more, I was elated to discover the many videos of interviews of NDErs on ‘‘The Jeff Mara Podcast’. After years of having limited sources for reading or hearing NDEs, there are now so many to access and I find Jeff and Mara Reynold’s collection of interviews to be the best video source for NDEs and more out there for many reasons.

One reason is Jeff himself. He is an excellent host in that he introduces the guests and just lets them go uninterrupted until they finish their story unless he feels he must clarify something with a question or confirm a point made by other guests. Once they are done relating their experience Jeff starts his list of questions and comments which is a refreshing change from many hosts who interject with their own opinions and comments throughout the interview. Jeff is an enlightened being and the podcast is not about his own ego but rather the message his guests are conveying.

Another reason Jeff’s video channel is such a valuable source of information is the wealth of videos that include taped interviews and his live Saturday night ‘Para Normal and Supernatural Open Line’ podcasts. Jeff’s wide array of guests talk about near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, extra-terrestrials, UFOs, manifesting, healing, awakening, sacred geometry, channeling, remote viewing, messages from God, Jesus, ascended masters, arch angels, guardian angels, and more along with miracles, past lives, soul purposes and contracts, astrology, energy and frequency of all sorts, the matrix, ghosts, walk-ins, background people, and so much more! These videos contain some of the most interesting and inspirational conversations you will ever hear.

Another reason is the respect and credibility Jeff has achieved within the metaphysical community. People with stories to tell and information to impart from all walks of life gladly reveal all they can as they become a member of this valuable community of teachers.

Jeff has broken the videos down into several different playlists on their YouTube Channel and their website to make your search for knowledge easier to negotiate.

Check out some of his videos and you will undoubtedly become hooked on this resource. Here are just a few examples to get you started selected from the hundreds of videos available on the channel:

Prophet Muhammad Gave Her a Message During Her Near-Death Experience

Psychologist Sees 8D Beings of Light on The Other Side – Near Death Experience

Messages From Aliens They Want You To Know – Elena Danaan

PhD Psychologist Channels Draconian ET!

Channeling The Angels of The Council of 8 and More with Michelle Carpenter

He Died For 45 Minutes & Went to Heaven – Near Death Experience

UFO Expert Who Dated a Reptilian Alien!

Aliens’ Message for Humanity and More! – Judy Carroll

Create The Life You Want and More! Dee Wallace

NDE Podcast on Going to HELL and HEAVEN with Kathy McDaniel

How To Discover Your Purpose and Destiny – Live Channeling of The Council

For those who want to learn and grow on a spiritual basis and discover amazing truths about our universe and many aspects of life, this is a priceless resource with new videos surfacing all the time. Enjoy!

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