Delores Cannon

Delores Cannon is a unique, highly regarded teacher of human history and spiritual knowledge gained through thousands of sessions with clients during her 40-year career as a deep-state hypnotist. She discovered many truths and ways of life over many centuries by taking people into a state of hypnosis for a first-hand account of their previous time on earth.

The information Delores has uncovered is amazing, quite valuable, and sometimes hard to take, but always comes off as reliable. When Delores was still alive, she was happy to spend many hours in libraries corroborating what clients revealed if it happened during recorded history.

Read an in-depth bio about Delores Cannon.

Delores is a good stepping stone for those just entering the realm of knowledge she covers because as a well-spoken, older lady, kindly and confidently sharing her vast gained knowledge she is very easy to take. She is one-of-a-kind in her background and ability to share what life was like centuries past, including our start on earth. Delores has much to say about extra-terrestrials, dimensions, Atlantis, Jesus and the Essenes, the New Earth, healing, time, fear, and insights into Nostradamus and his work following many interactions with him.

Find a wide array of topics covered in her books and dozens of interesting videos found on her YouTube Channel.

Dolores Cannon on the Convoluted Universe

Dolores Cannon: The Three Waves of Volunteers & The Coming New Earth

Dolores Cannon on Atlantis, Healing, Hypnosis & Other Dimensions Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

Dolores Cannon on Life After Death

Dolores Cannon’s Conversations with Nostradamus | Part 2

Delores continues to help mankind from the other side with her enhanced insight through channelers such as Pamela Aaralyn:

Channeling Dolores Cannon – Diet & Spirituality (Vegan vs Non-Vegan)

Channeling Dolores Cannon – New Earth and 3D Earth Timelines- Ascension Update for the Collective

Delores was a gem of a person who worked to be a reliable source of astounding information and lessons delivered with a sense of love and motherly guidance. We are most grateful for her efforts as a past-life regressionist and more.

‘Next Level Soul’ Podcast with Alex Ferrari

Next Level Soul Podcast host Alex Ferrari is a personable, well-read host who has himself delved into many aspects of spirituality and other topics allowing him to carry on in-depth interviews with his eclectic mix of spiritual teachers, healers, channelers, creators, science-based thinkers, and more during his online interviews. Alex has a knack for finding guests that don’t disappoint and is always prepared with great questions for his guests. The series of videos are eye-opening, to say the least, no matter how well-versed you are in these matters because his sources are widely varied in their knowledge and experience.

You will find a very positive energy emitting from the interaction between Alex and his guests as you listen, learn, and grow. This well-rounded resource delves into many relevant subjects including near-death experiences, channeled messages from the other side, and so much more as indicated by his playlists which include the following titles: Next Level Soul Podcast; Quantum Healing & Wellness; Artists & Creativity; Pre-Death Experiences; Personal Growth & Mindset; Quantum Physics; Spirituality and Consciousness; Shorts

Alex presents his own background in film and business, his experience and research on his own path to growth and enlightenment, along with a really interesting mix of teachers addressing a truly wide variety of subjects on one platform. This is an important channel on many levels. I think you will enjoy the mix of science and many aspects of spirituality.

There are several dozen of videos to choose from for inspiration, knowledge, and incredible enlightenment on an amazing scale. Below is a list of just a few of the diverse titles of ‘Next Level Soul’ video interviews available on the channel:

Bashar’s Five Principles of Self Mastery for a Happy Life | Darryl Anka

The Divine Council Channeled Message: Life is About to Change! | Sara Landon

GOOSEBUMPS! Most Detailed Near-Death Experience EVER Recorded: Tour of Heaven | John J. Davis

Clinically DEAD 45 Minutes! Meets GOD, Then Wakes Up in a BODY BAG – Chilling NDE | Vincent Tolman

The GREAT Awakening Has BEGUN: Rise of a New Era of Humanity REVEALED | Alx Uttermann

KRYON Speaks! Channeled Message We ALL Need to Hear for 2023! | Lee Carroll & Monika Muranyi

Aralamb Channeled LIVE: Life-Altering Message from BEYOND | Melissa Gates Perry

Theo Channeled! His Message to Us Will Shock You!!! | Sheila Gillette

Clinically DEAD Woman Created Her Own PRIVATE HELL in Near Death Experience (NDE) | M.K. McDaniel

My 14 Years of NDE Research Shows What Is Coming to Mankind | David Suich

Ascended Masters: Unlocking the Mysteries of the Unknown Spiritual Begins | RJ Spina

John Davis’ Past Life Memory with Jesus: SO Shocking It’ll Give You GOOSEBUMPS!

Clinically DEAD Man Is Shown the Future; What He Saw Will Leave You SPEECHLESS! (NDE) | Ken Leth


Check out other resources hosted by Alex Ferrari:

‘Next Level Soul’ Website Free Classes

‘Next Level Soul’ on Facebook

The Jeff Mara Podcast – NDEs and More!

As one who has found near-death experiences to be one of the best sources for learning about God, heaven, soul contracts, the meaning of life, and more, I was elated to discover the many videos of interviews of NDErs on ‘‘The Jeff Mara Podcast’. After years of having limited sources for reading or hearing NDEs, there are now so many to access and I find Jeff and Mara Reynold’s collection of interviews to be the best video source for NDEs and more out there for many reasons.

One reason is Jeff himself. He is an excellent host in that he introduces the guests and just lets them go uninterrupted until they finish their story unless he feels he must clarify something with a question or confirm a point made by other guests. Once they are done relating their experience Jeff starts his list of questions and comments which is a refreshing change from many hosts who interject with their own opinions and comments throughout the interview. Jeff is an enlightened being and the podcast is not about his own ego but rather the message his guests are conveying.

Another reason Jeff’s video channel is such a valuable source of information is the wealth of videos that include taped interviews and his live Saturday night ‘Para Normal and Supernatural Open Line’ podcasts. Jeff’s wide array of guests talk about near-death experiences, out-of-body experiences, extra-terrestrials, UFOs, manifesting, healing, awakening, sacred geometry, channeling, remote viewing, messages from God, Jesus, ascended masters, arch angels, guardian angels, and more along with miracles, past lives, soul purposes and contracts, astrology, energy and frequency of all sorts, the matrix, ghosts, walk-ins, background people, and so much more! These videos contain some of the most interesting and inspirational conversations you will ever hear.

Another reason is the respect and credibility Jeff has achieved within the metaphysical community. People with stories to tell and information to impart from all walks of life gladly reveal all they can as they become a member of this valuable community of teachers.

Jeff has broken the videos down into several different playlists on their YouTube Channel and their website to make your search for knowledge easier to negotiate.

Check out some of his videos and you will undoubtedly become hooked on this resource. Here are just a few examples to get you started selected from the hundreds of videos available on the channel:

Prophet Muhammad Gave Her a Message During Her Near-Death Experience

Psychologist Sees 8D Beings of Light on The Other Side – Near Death Experience

Messages From Aliens They Want You To Know – Elena Danaan

PhD Psychologist Channels Draconian ET!

Channeling The Angels of The Council of 8 and More with Michelle Carpenter

He Died For 45 Minutes & Went to Heaven – Near Death Experience

UFO Expert Who Dated a Reptilian Alien!

Aliens’ Message for Humanity and More! – Judy Carroll

Create The Life You Want and More! Dee Wallace

NDE Podcast on Going to HELL and HEAVEN with Kathy McDaniel

How To Discover Your Purpose and Destiny – Live Channeling of The Council

For those who want to learn and grow on a spiritual basis and discover amazing truths about our universe and many aspects of life, this is a priceless resource with new videos surfacing all the time. Enjoy!

Find ‘The Jeff Mara Podcast’ on Facebook

Message from the children of Uvalde, Sandy Hook, and Parkland shootings

Everyone needs to hear this message from the children who passed in the Uvalde, Sandy Hook, and Parkland school shootings, as given to Sterling, of the Sterling Psychic Medium Channel. You will be comforted. It will help you heal.

As a quick intro, Sterling has 30+ years of experience practicing his psychic skills and answers a few dozen questions from viewers on his Sunday podcasts. This is a very professional and together show, right from its opening. Sterling connects with his guides, angels, and personalities of note who come in to address questions. His wife screens viewer questions to avoid repetition, and Sterling appears to have reviewed them and gained answers prior to the show, as you will often hear him say something like: “they popped in last night and we had a nice visit”. Such preparation, combined with his real-time insight, helps create a more rapid-fire presentation (as far as the world of psychics goes), and you really do get a lot of information during one of Sterling’s podcasts.

As you can imagine, lots of viewers’ questions have addressed school shootings. First of all, Sterling’s guides say that certain events are cast in the universe, and the Uvalde shootings were an event to move humanity forward. When Sterling focused on the question: “Do the children of Uvalde, Sandy Hook and Parkland have a message?”, he found himself surrounded by the children who came in with loving, angelic energy, to share the following message for their loved ones and the world:

“We collectively want everyone to know that we have taken our life path very seriously and embraced the changes we’re about to make in the world. Yes, it was our destiny to change the world and ensure a safer place for everyone. This is part of our gift to the world. Through our efforts, we have achieved the tipping point to have gun safety measures forward through Congress. This will lead with a ban on military-style weapons, combined with new background checks, as well as supercomputers provided by a leading technology company to harness social media scanning and analysis, which is required to warn the world in advance about harmful individuals.

We will continue to work with a number of psychics and mediums to move our messages forward. To our family and friends, please understand that this was our life path purpose, and we will endeavor to provide signs to each one of our family members that we are OK and are happy in our new environment. Please understand we have all moved on from the physical plane to the heavenly plane and are no longer in the state that you last saw us in. We are now pure spiritual energy but can certainly communicate with you if you just listen.”

Sterling’s Angels and Guides forecast the “School Mass Shooting Event” on the May 1st, 2022, ‘Sterling Psychic Medium Show’ where he discusses important events coming up at the end of the show. This supports the Universal message and understanding of “Destiny and our Unique Life Path Purpose”.
Find many more fascinating and timely topics covered in the archived podcasts Sterling and his team have created. Check out his website for more on Sterling.

‘Channeling Erik’

Of all my recent discoveries on YouTube, one of the most important, by far, for gaining knowledge and insight into a wealth of information from what I deem to be a trusted source, is a YouTube channel called Channeling Erik. It is hosted by Dr. Elisa Medhus, a medical doctor, who delved into the world of channeling after losing her son, Erik, to suicide, at the age of twenty, and found ways to communicate with him through what has evolved into a very talented group of channelers.

The team has created a prolific knowledge base covering many areas that need to be shared now more than ever as we embrace the ascension process on Earth. It is a wonderful stepping stone for so many who still hesitate to embrace such knowledge, as Elisa takes the journey herself, learning, growing, and evolving as she produces dozens of videos. With the help of her subscribers, Elisa creates lists of questions for Erik about life on earth and throughout the galaxies who, with the help of the channelers,  provides the answers through audio, visual, and sentient communication himself to reveal the truth of what has, and is, going down. The subject matter is vast! Erik himself sets the facts straight on history, aliens, portals, conspiracy theories, crimes, and events – past and future, but more importantly, covers spirituality, energy, health, and physical and emotional healing in a huge way.

Now here’s the thing that takes ‘Channeling Erik’ to an even more special level in its amazing ability to teach. Erik ‘fetches’ well-known people who have passed during our lifetime or centuries past for an ‘Afterlife Interview’. Once we pass over, our perspective changes and grows. We are aware of the soul contracts that we willingly entered into to learn, experience, clear karmic debt, or whatever reason we have to incarnate with our soul group or others, so their perspective can help you deal with your life challenges from a more enlightened perspective.

In hearing people from all walks of life review their life from the other side, with such enhanced knowledge as to their feelings, actions, and the workings of the universe, one can learn and grow, but most importantly understand the soul contracts that we bravely enter, willingly lining up the teachers that bring discomfort, hurt and harsh lessons, so we can progress in our spiritual development and live out our karma. Understanding such scenarios and the fact that we not only earn our fate but willingly set up and embrace challenges before coming to earth, makes it easier to deal with them when they come along, as long as we can learn humility or whatever lesson the soul contract manifests. It can be a bitter pill to swallow but must be done unless we want such lessons repeated.

I can’t say enough about how impressive these videos are as far as teaching. Erik has now become an archangel because of the important help he is providing mankind. Erik, his mother, and the group of channelers will go down in history as being one of the most important conveyors of truths in history.

Some of the interviewees include:

Spiritual Sessions: God Part One, Part Two; Jesus |Mother Mary Part One, Part Two | Jesus and Mary | Jesus and Mother Mary Again | Arch Angel Metatron Part One, Part Two | Gautama Buddha | Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh | Lao Tzu Part One, Part Two | The Profit Muhammad | Gandhi | White Feather of Hopi Collective Gods | Elohim Part One, Part Two | Eric Shares What He Knows about God | Good Vs Evil | Pope John Paul II | The Elohim

Nostradamus | Edgar Cayce | Delores CannonLouise Hay | Wayne Dyer | Sylvia Browne Part One, Part Two | Delores Cannon

Mother Earth | The New Earth | Spiritual Properties of Water | The Oceans | Our Moon | Crystals | Elementals Part One, Part Two, Part Three | Music | Judgement and Karma | Law of Attraction | Astral Planes and Astral Travel | Rising to the 5th Dimension

History and Mysteries: Myths and Legends | The Great Sphinx | The Holy Grail | The Biblical Plagues | World Mysteries | Lost Civilizations | Moses | The Parting of the Red Sea | Noah About the Flood and His Ark | The Piri Reis Map | Antarctica | Our Solar System | Sacred Geometry | How Astrology Really Works | The Crystal Skulls | Technology | Matter |Life | Space | Heaven | The African Slave Collective | Plato and His Knowledge of Atlantis Bigfoot Part One | Bigfoot Part Two, Part Three | Mothman

Current Events: Ukraine’s President, Volodymyr Zelensky’s Higher SelfThe Israel-Hammas War | World Predictions Part One, Part Two, Part Three

Notable Personalities throughout history: Prehistoric Man | Abraham Lincoln | John F. Kennedy | Martin Luther King, Jr | Golda Meir | Colin Powell | Ruth Bader Ginsberg | MLK Jr, Harriet Tubman and Erik and Other on Civil Rights | Christopher Columbus | King Henry the VIII | Amelia Earhart | Billy Graham | Charles Lindbergh | Marie Curie | Albert Schweitzer | Charles Dickens Part One | Charles Dickens Part TwoStephen Hawking | Koko the Gorilla | Betty White | Tina Turner Part  One, Part Two | Kirstie Alley Part One | Kirstie Alley Part Two | Sinead O’Connor Part One, Part Two, Part Three | Robin Williams | Sidney Poitier | Mathew Perry – Part One, Part Two | Joan Crawford | David Bowie | John Denver | Prince | Elvis Presley Part One, Part TwoSharon TateGeorge FloydBarbara Walters | John MuirJonBenét Ramsey Part One, Part Two | Anthony Bourdain | Nicole Browne Simpson | Howard Hughes | Sonny Bono | Kurt Cobain | Alexander the Great | Judas Iscariot | Adolph Hitler | Bonnie and Clyde | Bernie Madoff | Jack the Ripper | P.T. Barnum | Lee Harvey Oswald Part One, Part Two

Energy and Health: Scalar Energy Playlist | Nicola Tesla | Nicola Tesla and Royal Rife | Rife Healing by Resonant Light Technology | Einstein, Tesla and Rife on Portals and Energy Work | Albert Einstein and Erik: All About Reality | Energy Portals Part One, Part Two | Cancer and Cancer Cures Part One, Part Two | Big Pharma and Alcoholism | Chemicals in Foods and Personal Care Products | Chakras | Dr. Vogel | Sacred Geometry Part One – The Magic of 369!, Part Two | Numerology | The Secrets of Stonehenge |DreamsEgo | Loss | Grief | Autism | Painkillers and the Opioids Epidemic

Aliens Playlist | UFOs | The Ahatari | The Tall White Aliens Part One, Part Two, Part Three | More on Aliens | The Anunnaki | A Reptilian | Small Grey Aliens Part One. Part Two, Part Three | A Stranded Alien

5G Network | Shadow Government | The Illuminati and Reptilians | Child Labour in the Fashion Industry | Human TraffickingErik on Several Conspiracy Theories Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four

Edgar Cayce

Edgar Cayce was able to share with the world information gained from visiting the Akashic records, or ‘the memory of life’ for every individual on earth now or at any time while in a deep trance state. He would be able to reveal information regarding multiple incarnations of souls and a person’s history. ‘The Association for Research and Enlightenment’ has gathered hundreds of readings that teach a multitude of life lessons on many levels as far as acts, relationships, karma, the purpose of life, etc.

Edgar reported that it is not what goes into the mouth but rather what comes out of it that defiles the body and spirit, meaning we must be careful about what we say and think, as this brings us down on many levels, including the physical. Get to know the readings to learn more along this vein. You will be glad you did.

Edgar not only provided life readings he was also able to provide medical readings, helping people who were at death’s door, having stumped the medical profession. He revealed the exact medical diagnosis and treatment time and time again.

The remedies are so practical and make perfect sense. All you need to do is look at the list of ailments to find a worthy remedy. The language might be a little odd, but remember the man was in a trance when he delivered the messages, thus you may find a different way of communicating. I recall reading that at times when presented with a person in need of a psychic reading, it was as if he would enter inside their body to describe in detail their ailment.

He was very big on the importance of keeping the body in a proper alkaline/acidic balance, stating that we should be around 80% alkaline and 20% acidic, when these days, with our diets of processed food, full of starchy, sugary food and animal products, we are often the exact opposite. He said a cold could not exist in an alkaline environment and that acidosis (an environment that is too acidic) is the basis of many diseases and ill health.

Not enough can be said about the connection between the mind, body, and spirit and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better teacher addressing all three aspects than Edgar Cayce!