Delores Cannon

Delores Cannon is a unique, highly regarded teacher of human history and spiritual knowledge gained through thousands of sessions with clients during her 40-year career as a deep-state hypnotist. She discovered many truths and ways of life over many centuries by taking people into a state of hypnosis for a first-hand account of their previous time on earth.

The information Delores has uncovered is amazing, quite valuable, and sometimes hard to take, but always comes off as reliable. When Delores was still alive, she was happy to spend many hours in libraries corroborating what clients revealed if it happened during recorded history.

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Delores is a good stepping stone for those just entering the realm of knowledge she covers because as a well-spoken, older lady, kindly and confidently sharing her vast gained knowledge she is very easy to take. She is one-of-a-kind in her background and ability to share what life was like centuries past, including our start on earth. Delores has much to say about extra-terrestrials, dimensions, Atlantis, Jesus and the Essenes, the New Earth, healing, time, fear, and insights into Nostradamus and his work following many interactions with him.

Find a wide array of topics covered in her books and dozens of interesting videos found on her YouTube Channel.

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Delores continues to help mankind from the other side with her enhanced insight through channelers such as Pamela Aaralyn:

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Delores was a gem of a person who worked to be a reliable source of astounding information and lessons delivered with a sense of love and motherly guidance. We are most grateful for her efforts as a past-life regressionist and more.