Message from the children of Uvalde, Sandy Hook, and Parkland shootings

Everyone needs to hear this message from the children who passed in the Uvalde, Sandy Hook, and Parkland school shootings, as given to Sterling, of the Sterling Psychic Medium Channel. You will be comforted. It will help you heal.

As a quick intro, Sterling has 30+ years of experience practicing his psychic skills and answers a few dozen questions from viewers on his Sunday podcasts. This is a very professional and together show, right from its opening. Sterling connects with his guides, angels, and personalities of note who come in to address questions. His wife screens viewer questions to avoid repetition, and Sterling appears to have reviewed them and gained answers prior to the show, as you will often hear him say something like: “they popped in last night and we had a nice visit”. Such preparation, combined with his real-time insight, helps create a more rapid-fire presentation (as far as the world of psychics goes), and you really do get a lot of information during one of Sterling’s podcasts.

As you can imagine, lots of viewers’ questions have addressed school shootings. First of all, Sterling’s guides say that certain events are cast in the universe, and the Uvalde shootings were an event to move humanity forward. When Sterling focused on the question: “Do the children of Uvalde, Sandy Hook and Parkland have a message?”, he found himself surrounded by the children who came in with loving, angelic energy, to share the following message for their loved ones and the world:

“We collectively want everyone to know that we have taken our life path very seriously and embraced the changes we’re about to make in the world. Yes, it was our destiny to change the world and ensure a safer place for everyone. This is part of our gift to the world. Through our efforts, we have achieved the tipping point to have gun safety measures forward through Congress. This will lead with a ban on military-style weapons, combined with new background checks, as well as supercomputers provided by a leading technology company to harness social media scanning and analysis, which is required to warn the world in advance about harmful individuals.

We will continue to work with a number of psychics and mediums to move our messages forward. To our family and friends, please understand that this was our life path purpose, and we will endeavor to provide signs to each one of our family members that we are OK and are happy in our new environment. Please understand we have all moved on from the physical plane to the heavenly plane and are no longer in the state that you last saw us in. We are now pure spiritual energy but can certainly communicate with you if you just listen.”

Sterling’s Angels and Guides forecast the “School Mass Shooting Event” on the May 1st, 2022, ‘Sterling Psychic Medium Show’ where he discusses important events coming up at the end of the show. This supports the Universal message and understanding of “Destiny and our Unique Life Path Purpose”.
Find many more fascinating and timely topics covered in the archived podcasts Sterling and his team have created. Check out his website for more on Sterling.